Spiritfarer | Farewell Edition

December 13, 2021|Mederic Belair

Hey Spiritfarers, it’s finally here!

The Jackie & Daria Update is out today, and with it, an announcement! 👀

Last year, I shared a roadmap of our plans for 2021 and, now that the third and final update is available, we’ll officially be sailing away from Spiritfarer… so join me in welcoming Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition.

In the spirit of the game, we decided to celebrate this departure from the project by re-releasing it under a new and, most of all, complete Edition.

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition is a free update for the base game that contains all previous content updates as well as our last: the Jackie & Daria Update!

You can watch the trailer here:

Now without further ado, let’s navigate through our last content update.

Jackie, the Hyena & Daria, the Bat

Meet Jackie & Daria, the two new spirits joining Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition.

Jackie the Hyena is a fun, albeit vulgar, caretaker of the Overbrook health institute, a broken down hospital.

Daria the Bat, on the other hand, is one of his most notable patient, due to her being prone to very erratic behaviors.

Curious to see them in action? Check out the trailer 👀

Content Update

The Jackie & Daria Update is the biggest update we’ve released, with two additional spirits, a new island and a brand new event to experience!

After uncovering the Mist near Oxbury, you’ll receive a letter from Jackie asking for help at Overbrook. You’ll be working towards improving the living condition of the patients by using a mystical Vending Machine, then going on a musical journey in Daria‘s subconscious through her Mind Palace.

New content:

New Spirits: Jackie, the Hyena & Daria, the Bat
New Island: Overbrook
New Event: Mind Palace
New station upgrade: Beehive
Sweet new recipes!
New Overbrook-related shenanigans!

Quality of Life Improvement:

  • Player Manual: Read all previously received hints, tips & tricks for Spiritfarer, from inside your Pause Menu!

Narrative Tweaks:

The last two Figureheads each cost 1 extra flower.
Meetings with Hades now occur at 1/5/9 spirits released, from 1/4/8.
Multiple achievements got updated requirements:
→ Spiritfared Achievement now requires 13 Spirits Released to complete, up from 11.
→ Upgraded all buildings (added Jackie’s house)
→ Mood related achievements: All Spirit Ecstatic, 5 Ecstatic Spirits & Any Spirit (added Jackie & Daria to requirements or potential spirits)
→ All Collections Collected (updated with new recipes)

And lots of bug fixes! Click here to read the full list of changes!

1 Million Copies Sold!

Finally, I just wanted to proudly announce that Spiritfarer has surpassed one million copies sold, something we genuinely never thought possible.

And so, thank you for your support! Whether you played it, recommended it to friends or you’ve just been reading my shenanigans: genuinely, thank you.

Spiritfarer Thank You

That’s all I have for today, but I’ll be back soon™ for our yearly wrap up!

In the meantime, I highly recommend you to go play through the final content update added to the complete world of Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 🥰


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