Introducing 33 Immortals: a Co-op Action-Roguelike for 33 Players

June 9, 2023|Mederic Belair

Hey everyone!

Today marks a historical day at Thunder Lotus. It is the day we unveil our biggest project to date, a game we’ve been working on for the past few years that goes beyond your typical cooperative adventure.

Introducing 33 Immortals: a 33-player cooperative action-roguelike.

Watch the trailer below


You embody a soul who was damned by God. Unwilling to take His final judgement standing down, you join a rebellion comprised of 32 other souls fighting to reclaim their eternal lives. Using an arsenal of weapons and relics based on sins & virtues, you’ll fight your way out of damnation through horde of monsters and massive bosses. Facing the Wrath of God will be no easy feat, so cooperating will be the key to your survival. You will fall again and again and again, but, worry not, no attempt will be in vain: your soul, like a blade, may be forged to suit your needs. Will you join the rebellion?

33 Immortals is set to release in Early Access in 2024 on Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

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We’re aiming to host a beta period this year, and mailing list subscribers will be our top priority

In any case, I’ll be back soon™ with more 33 Immortals news in the upcoming weeks and months! Stay tuned!

Your fellow rebel souls,

– Med and the Thunder Lotus team

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