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We’re Celebrating #LoveIndies Week!

July 16, 2018|Rodrigue Duperron


Hey everyone,

The fine folks at Failbetter Games (creators of a TLG favorite, the richly textured seafaring survival exploration game Sunless Sea) have kicked off “#LoveIndies Week”, an event with the goal of celebrating indie games and their communities, while also highlighting how reviews can be a massive help to developers! Such a lovely initiative on their part!

In the spirit of the celebration, we’d like to officially re-iterate what we don’t mention nearly enough: the Thunder Lotus community is our family. Your trust and support is at the root of our work, and we never take it for granted. Thank you for supporting Thunder Lotus Games – we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without you!

Here are some games we love – How about you?

You might not know how much a simple review or rating can mean to an indie development team. They absolutely do make a huge difference to us: to our morale, visibility and sales.

All this week we’re going to recommend games from other studios that we love, and we hope you’ll take the time to rate, review and recommend indie games that you’ve loved as well. Spread the love on social with the #LoveIndies hashtag too!

They Are Billions

“A solid homage to old starcraft survival game modes. A deep tech tree along with dynamically changing maps means no two games are the same.”
– Luke, Programmer

They Are Billions
Numantian Games (Developer/Publisher)
Steam | Humble Store

Wizard of Legend

“A deep and engaging rogue lite game, with enough new combinations of element to captivate for hours and hours.”
– Nico, Creative Director

“Action packed couch co-op rogue-lite that will keep you engaged for hours.”
– Med, Quality Assurance

Wizard of Legend
Contingent99 (Developer/Publisher)
Steam | | Humble Store | Nintendo Switch | PS4 | Xbox One

Into the Breach

“Refreshing take on the tactics genre. Fantastic gameplay loop coupled with simple but appropriate graphics.”
– Alex M, Chief Technical Officer

Into the Breach
Subset Games (Developer/Publisher)
Steam | | Humble Store


“I’m a big fan of multiple-phases game moments, and moonlighter is exactly perfect in that regard. Beautiful, fun, clever.”
– Nico, Creative Director

Digital Sun Games (Developer) | 11-bit Studios (Publisher)
Steam | | Humble Store | Windows 10 | PS4 | Xbox One

Slay the Spire

“An amazing blend of a deck-builder game with roguelike mechanics. Great fun throughout!”
– Ian, Level Designer

Slay the Spire
MegaCrit Games (Developer/Publisher)

The Council

“Made by the excellent Big Bad Wolf games, the council is a refreshing take on the narrative-investigation game. I simply love it!”
– Nico, Creative Director

The Council
Big Bad Wolf (Developer) | Focus Home Interactive (Publisher)
Steam | PS4 | Xbox One

Check back this week for new recommendations every day – and find recommendations from years past on our Steam Developer page! Thanks for reading – we’d love to hear about your favorites on Facebook and Twitter too!

– Rodrigue and the Thunder Lotus Team

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