Thunder Lotus® Monetization and Fan Merch Policy

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Thanks for taking the time to read our Monetization and Fan Merch Policy. Should you have any questions regarding the Policy, please reach out to us at contact@thunderlotusgames.com


The Thunder Lotus Team


Streaming, Video Creation, and Monetization Policy

Effective August 21, 2021.


Thanks for your interest! We welcome and encourage our fans to create and monetize videos using game footage from our titles. Full legalese follows: 

Thunder Lotus grants to game owners, journalists, and media a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to create, distribute, stream, and publish original video content  based on screen-captures or footage from our games, including walkthroughs, Let’s Plays, speedruns, reviews, reactions, literary criticism/analysis and similar videos. This license allows monetization of these videos, whether through advertising, stream donations, or otherwise. 

This license only applies to content recorded from our games during gameplay and does not authorize you to create completely new content based on our games – if you’re a production studio or publisher and you want to create a movie, TV series, or comic book based on our games, please get in touch at contact@thunderlotusgames.com.


Fan Physical Merchandise Policy

Effective August 21, 2021.


Team Thunder Lotus is happy and honored that our games have inspired you to create physical merch! 

We’re very cool with individuals making and selling anything you may create as one-offs or in small batches (less than 50 items ever created), but we’re not cool with anything factory-made or mass-produced. Generally, we’re asking that you please not compete with any officially licensed merchandise, or present merch that could be mistaken as official. We therefore ask that you please respect the following guidelines:

● Please DO make and sell original items that you designed and made yourself, based on the world or characters of our games.

Please DO explicitly mention in your identification/description that your work is “fan art” and/or “unofficial”.

Please DON’T sell anything that directly copies or incorporates (even in a modified way) the graphics or media files we publish in our games, concept art, character art, wallpaper, or marketing materials.

Please DON’T include our logos (Thunder Lotus, Spiritfarer, Sundered, Jotun, and any future titles) on your creations/items, as they’re reserved for officially licensed items only.

Please DON’T sell on large online stores like Amazon, Redbubble, Zazzle, etc.

Please DON’T make adult-themed or offensive items, or anything that is illegal/dangerous.

We reserve the right to withdraw your permission to use our content by sending you a written notice that explains why we have made that decision. Or if your contact information is unavailable, we can send that notice to the platform that you’re selling on.

● If you’re unsure about whether what you want to create is okay, please reach out to us at contact@thunderlotusgames.com.

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