The Sundered Finisher Update Has Been Unleashed!

June 28, 2018|Rodrigue Duperron

Bad-ass finishing moves (and PS4 performance improvements too)!

The Sundered Finisher Update!

Hey everyone,

We’re totally stoked to be unleashing the long-awaited Sundered Finisher Update, chock-full of delicious quality-of-life improvements and the bad-ass titular finishing moves that will have you obliterating eldritch hordes in style! The Sundered Finisher Update arrives automatically as a free update to all Steam and PS4 players today (GOG, Origin, Uplay, and Kartridge will drop very soon!). Important additional updates to Sundered are still to come!

[Update – June 28th, 2018: GOG update is rolling out today, with Origin, Uplay, and Kartridge following soon!]

Here’s what’s in store for y’all in the Finisher Update:

– Added a set of new combat moves we call Finishers. Once a certain number of melee attacks have been landed in a short time frame, a powerful Finisher attack is ready to be unleashed! Finishers are available from the start of the game

That's gotta hurt.

– Reduced loading times and stabilized frame rate (hurray!) – these are both most noticeable on PS4.
– Huge balance pass to make the game smoother and reduce moments where grind feels necessary: Reworked and improved early game pacing; Increased shard drops in the early game.
– Expanded the skill tree with new nodes and rebalanced some stat multipliers and perks.
– Defeated bosses can be fought again for reduced rewards.
– Added player markers to help locate the player in crowded or zoomed out locations (can be toggled in the options).
– Tweaked minimap legend so each icon is more easily recognizable.
– Modified tip system so as to not spoil content that is not yet accessible to the player.
– Other minor bug fixes.

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Resist or Embrace.

– Rodrigue and the Thunder Lotus Team

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