Sundered Fan Art Contest Winners!

August 18, 2017|Rodrigue Duperron

Behold the winners of our Sundered fan art contest!

We received so many gorgeous submissions for our Sundered fan art contest! We’re in awe at the artistic talent of our fans – thanks so much to everyone who took part! Competition was fierce, but in the end, only one could receive the coveted happy star post-it! Behold!

Third place – winners of signed copies of the Jotun: Valhalla Edition Steelbook Edition (PC)

Sundered: Gonzalo Alvarez Fan Art







Gonzalo AlvarezWebsite | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook


Sundered Fan Art by Cleo-San







Cleo-SanWebsite | Deviant ArtTwitter


Sundered Fan Art from Syver D. Toftemo







Syver D. ToftemoTwitter


Sundered Fan Art from Louis Bulteau







Louis Bulteau


Sundered Fan Art by Tiger Kai






Tiger Kai

Second place – winners of signed copies of the Jotun: Valhalla Edtion IndieBox Collector’s edition (PC)

Sundered Fan Art from Genji Otori






















Genji OtoriWebsite | Deviant Art | Web Toons | Twitter | Facebook


Sundered fan art from Zarabeth Wilson



















Zarabeth WilsonWebsite | Tumblr


First place – winner of a signed copy of the Sundered physical collector’s edition (Upon release, date to be determined – PC and PS4)

Sundered Fan Art from Alice L























AlienCatAliceWebsite | Instagram | Twitter | Twitch

Yes, we were absolutely floored by the gorgeous colors and composition of Alice’s submission! Alice is a brilliant concept artist for Ubisoft, and we strongly recommend you checking out her work in the links above!

In the end, we simply had no choice but to affix our magical post-it of happiness upon the work!

The magical post-it of happiness!








Additional submissions – winners of Sundered Digital copies


Sundered Fan Art from Alex Wilkins






Alex Wilkins


Sundered Fan Art by Menarra







Dagothagahnim – Deviant Art


Thanks again to everyone who took part in the contest! Much love!

– Rodrigue and the Thunder Lotus Team


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