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Check out the new Spiritfarer Gameplay Teaser!

May 26, 2020|Rodrigue Duperron

Spiritfarer Second Teaser 2

Hey everyone,

Just a quick heads up to ask you to check out the latest Spiritfarer Gameplay Teaser! Please feast your eyeballs on this:

In this teaser, we wanted to give a spotlight to some of the sprightlier platforming levels that we’re designing as spicy interludes to Spiritfarer’s cozy management and emotional narrative. Long time fans know that we do enjoy us some smooth and satisfying platforming gameplay, and I personally feel there’s some silky smooth Eshe DNA in Stella’s moves!

Let us know what you think, please! And do please Wishlist and Follow Spiritfarer if you haven’t already.

Hope you’re keeping happy and healthy out there, y’all!

See you out on the mystical seas,

– Rodrigue and the Spiritfarer Team

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