Happy Holidays! Our Year in Review!

December 21, 2017|Rodrigue Duperron

Happy Holidays from Thunder Lotus!

Happy Holidays from Thunder Lotus Games!

Hey everyone,

We’re celebrating the end of a banner year here at Thunder Lotus! We welcomed over two million new TLG game owners to the family in 2017, and wanted to thank each and every one of you for your overwhelming support of Jotun and Sundered ! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Thunder Lotus Games to the best damn fans in gaming!

Below, I’m sharing a look back on our last twelve months, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t first direct your attention to the Thunder Lotus Collection!

The Thunder Lotus Collection

We’re happy to report that both Jotun and Sundered are on sale for the Steam Winter Sale, with Sundered enjoying its deepest discount yet at -50%! If you were still on the fence about Sundered, it’s a great time to pick it up (and spread the word)!

Do note as well that The Thunder Lotus Collection adds an extra -10% discount on top of that if you purchase our titles together (or are looking to complete your collection!). It’s a crazy good deal, yo – worth a share, dontcha think?

This concludes our yuletide PSA. And now…

Our Year in Pictures

We wanted to take a moment to look back on a wonderful (and wonderfully busy) year for our team!

We hit the ground running in January this year, putting the finishing touches on a then-secret Kickstarter project that you should all be quite familiar with by now! Here, Will goofs off with Sam from Compulsion Games during the filming of a Kickstarter promo video:

Will and Sam from Compulsion.

It was a stellar month: thanks to our awesome fans, we quickly powered past funding milestones throughout the first hours and days of the campaign, and meanwhile, we were declared co-winners of the Ubisoft Indie Series!

Sundered wins the Ubisoft Indie Series

Oh, and we caught the eye of one of our heroes.

Why thank you, Guillermo!

January also kicked off a series of cross-country trips which brought us first to PAX South in San Antonio.

The end of PAX South is near

With our backers’ tremendous support, we closed Sundered’s Kickstarter campaign in February 800% funded, due in no small part to the surprise announcement of our partnership with the lovely and talented folks at Limited Run Games. (LRG’s Doug pictured here with our Art Director at MIX!)

Jo and Doug at MIX!

In March, our travels brought us down to the Sony offices to discuss Sundered’s summer release…

Thumbs up to House of Sony

…and then down to the IGN offices, where we were invited to sign their wall of fame, humbled by names of gaming royalty that had come before us.

IGN's wall of fame

Later that month, we brought a small Thunder Lotus army down to Boston to greet enthusiastic fans and media at PAX East.

The Zero Review interviews Jo

Spring found us bearing down in earnest through the rounds of Sundered’s Alpha and Beta periods, while our resident hand-drawn animation genius’ prodigious output continued unabated.

Alex Boyer was a animation beast in 2017

Our appearance at the sunshiny E3 gigantocon heralded the coming of summer and the last straightaway leading to Sundered’s July release!

E3 2017 was larger than life!

By summer, production was rolling a mile a minute, a blur of incessant testing, tweaking, testing, re-tooling, and testing while gorgeous fan art multiplied on the walls of our office.

Gorgeous fan art

In July, a Jotun free weekend added two million people (of exquisite taste) to the Thunder Lotus family overnight, and before we could say R’lehshyshtag’, Sundered was unleashed upon the world, happily catching the eye of the likes of Rock, Paper, Shotgun (among many others)!

Hand-drawn and quartered: Sundered turned some heads at RPS!

Upon our return from much needed vacation time in the fall, we kept a low profile, working in hushed secrecy on (psst…) Sundered DLC.

…while bringing a new creative director onto the team to head up our “Top Secret!, OMG! That’s so awesome!” third project. (Gonna be a while before we can tell you more – sorry/not sorry for the tease!) 😉

Meet Nicolas Guérin, who has that fresh “new creative director” smell:

Meet Nicolas Guérin

Much love from all of us here!

That’s all she wrote, folks! Stick a fork in 2017, it’s fully done!

From all of us here, thanks again for helping to make this the best year yet for Thunder Lotus! Stay happy and healthy this holiday season, and we’ll see you in the new year!

Cheers, and much love!

– Rodrigue and the Thunder Lotus Team

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