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Buy the Spiritfarer Digital Art Book on!

September 24, 2020|Rodrigue Duperron

Spiritfarer Art Book

Hey everyone!

Just a quick word to let you know that the Spiritfarer Digital Artbook is now available for purchase on! It had previously only been available on Steam, so we’re happy to make it available to fans playing on other systems. Thanks so much for your support!


Check out the Spiritfarer Digital Art Book on –> HERE

About the Spiritfarer Digital Art Book

The Spiritfarer Digital Art Book chronicles the artistic journey of Spiritfarer® the cozy management game about dying, of our small team of artists and how we ended up making what became Thunder Lotus’ most ambitious game ever.

For us, Spiritfarer has been an act of love, sincerity and earnestness. From its smallest icons to its largest environments, everything in Spiritfarer has been drawn, animated and crafted with enormous care. We hope you enjoy the journey through these pages as much as we did!

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