Descend into a horrifying fight for your survival and sanity

  • Utterly, utterly beautiful [...] a completely wonderful Metroidvania.

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • A compelling and rewarding experience that you’ll be eager to play again.

  • A sublime blend of Metroidvania and Lovecraft with beautiful hand-drawn art.

Sundered - Feature 1

Harness the power of corrupted relics to defeat gigantic bosses

You play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever­changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors. Use corruptible abilities to take down massive bosses at the cost of your humanity.

Sundered - Feature 2

Conquer an epic world of detailed hand-drawn art

Engage in dynamic encounters against hordes of brutal enemies, each brought to life through painstakingly hand-drawn animations.

Sundered - Feature 3

Resist or embrace: choose your own path through the nightmare

Survive a mix of hand-crafted and procedural levels to achieve multiple endings. A new destiny awaits you each time you conquer the replayable action horror of this Metroidvania style adventure.

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Rated T for Teen PEGI - 12

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Canada Media Fund

Descend into a horrifying fight for your survival and sanity

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