Sundered: Known Issues

July 30, 2017|Rodrigue Duperron

Known issues.

We’re always working to resolve problems that pop up in Sundered. If your problem is listed below, we’re aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. If your problem isn’t listed below, please report the issue to our Steam forums for the quickest response (even if your problem is on PS4, GOG, or other), or e-mail

[Updated August 17th, 2017]

Inconsistent frame rate and frame drops on PS4
We are actively working to resolve an issue with stuttering and choppy frame rates on PS4.

Game crashes on PS4
We are actively working to resolve an issue that can cause crashes while respawning and in other contexts. Rare instances have reported lost save files as well – we are giving extra attention to this issue.

Overlong load times
We are actively working to optimize loading times on all platforms.


Recent patches

Note: issues addressed by patches will remain in the list above until they are presumed well and truly fixed.

> Steam patch 08/17/2017 

> PS4 patch v1.08

Presumed fixed

Game crashes and frame drops on PC laptops without dedicated graphics cards
Laptops with integrated graphics processors will sometimes crash due to insufficient memory.